Artist Bio 2020

I have a new series of paintings that I am excited to share! 
This new series has been an absolute delight to create. I have used more vines and fantastical flowers to support my favorite songbirds in their magical garden with the occasional friendly blue jay, norther flicker and crow. Just recently I took a class from Dominic Medici studying alla prima classical portraits and have incorporated some of these techniques with my flowers and birds. Other than this, I am mostly a self taught Seattle painter who enjoys the opportunity to share my perspective of what I feel as beautiful and playful. I work with a distinctive style specializing in birds and blossoms, and seek to merge abstraction with representational images in many layers of color and shape. In my world of art, free birds dance across the canvas among fanciful fairy tale inspired blossoms. Each painting is a process of bringing together desires, dreams, and reactions to life events through these playful and layered designs. My paintings are created using acrylic paint, paper, charcoal and pastel and just recently oil. 
I feel that creating something beautiful and whimsical can be a transformative experience for the artist. Art for the soul. 

Self Portrait 2020